I have strayed.


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Jun 2, 2008
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Whilst buying my daughter's April edition of 'Sight & Sound' magazine in WH Smiths today, I couldn't help noticing the Rega RP6 (a red one) winking at me from the yellow borders of Hi-fi News & Record Review.

Just below the photo of the red RP6 my eyes scanned the nomenclature of the first FM tuner I ever owned* (listed under 'Vintage review'). I couldn't resist.

I still haven't read it yet.

I should add that I have bought the January and March issues of WHF so far this year and the last time I 'strayed' was just before a fortnight in Exmoor (with about 15 of the wife's family and no TV/Radio or phone reception) a couple of years ago, when I basically bought an entire shelf's worth of every Hi-fi and camera magazine available and shoved them in a case with an iPhone chock full of 'freshly ripped from CD' BBC Radio 4 George Smiley dramatisations and a pair of headphones!


(Maybe WHF could slip in the occasional 'Vintage' review of their own?)

* Sony ST-88 bought second-hand and used with my NAD 3020 and Celestion Countys.

the record spot

It's the wire brush and Dettol for you then my lad...


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Sep 29, 2011
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Is this a confessional? ... then I too have strayed ... :pray:

... it's usually because "they" have interesting features and reviews on the subject matter printed on the front cover ... i.e. Hi-Fi. Sorry WHF, but I don't want to read reviews of phones, tellys, network drives, or computer consoles, and pay good money for 25% of the magazine that's just a cut and paste of the previous month's (the guide). I know I'm going go get chastised for my comments, but just had to get it off my chest :shifty: . This forum is great though and I actually DO buy the magazine occasionally :grin:


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