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How to set-up an AV receiver


AV receiver is a very important component in a home theater system. It is a device that is used in receiving audio and video signals from various sources and then processes to devices like speakers, televisions, etc. Here is how you can easily set up the AV receiver and have many external devices connected to it.

‘Step 1’
Plug in the mic’

Firstly, ‘Plug in the mic to the YPAC mic port’ on the AV receiver as shown below. This is one of the first steps to be done on your AV receiver. Immediately the receiver switches to channel. This makes sure that the speakers are well calibrated.


‘Step 2’
‘Attach the nano plugs to the wires’

The best way to connect the wires to the various audio and other device ports on the AV receiver is through nano plugs. ‘Attach the nano plugs’ to the ends of wire to know which wire is to connect the positive end and the same with the negative end.


‘Step 3’
‘Connect the wires to the speaker ports’

As shown below, ‘Connect one end of the wires’ to the speaker ports on the AV receiver. The nano plugs will make it easy for connecting. Make sure to notice the positive and negative ends and the colored ports to which you are attaching.


‘Step 4’
‘Connect the other ends of wire to speaker’

As shown below, ‘Connect the other ends of the wire’ to the ports on the speaker. Here you need to connect by screwing the hook present to make the connection.


‘Step 5’
Connect the external device through HDMI’

You can easily ‘Connect the external device’ with the help of the HDMI cable. In the below image, the Amazon fire TV box is connected. One end of the HDMI cable must be plugged to the HDMI port and other to the device


‘You can now easily set up the AV receiver by following the above steps’



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