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How to set up an audio Soundbar for a home theatre system


If you are sound enthusiast looking for a premium audio experience without having to bother about the perfect speaker placement or the work that goes into setting up a 7.1 premium home theatre then the soundbar your best shot at making that a reality. How does just having a single audio soundbar beneath your tv that is capable of producing surround sound through DSP (digital signal processing) and occasionally with help from some individual surround speakers and a subwoofer sound? That is the kind of convenience you get with a soundbar. Here is how to set up a soundbar for a home theatre system.

‘Step 1’
Pick your specification

Soundbars come in different specifications, mostly based on how expensive they are but almost always you will get a bar-like audio speaker that serves as the main center for all your music processing, so you needn’t use a receiver, and for real high, surround speakers and subwoofer can also be added. The first thing to do in any of these cases is to determine your desired specification and then how to position your soundbar.


‘Step 2’
Positioning your soundbar

For the best experience, the ideal position to place the soundbar is directly beneath the TV. The soundbar can also be mounted on a wall if you are lacking a shelf.


‘Step 3’
Position any accompanying channels

Most high-end soundbars will feature two surround speakers and even a subwoofer, knowing how to position them is key for a complete surround experience


‘Step 4’
Soundbar to tv

The soundbar will feature several ports to send sound from the tv directly to it, for best results use an HDMI to connect your soundbar to the tv, alternatively, you can make use of an optical cable.


‘Step 5’
Soundbar to speaker and subwoofer

Subwoofer accompanying soundbars are mostly wireless, with the surround speakers connected directly to the sub, but sometimes can it be wired. The subwoofer should be placed two feet away from the wall or at a corner and the two surround speakers placed at both the right and left sides of the room, slightly tilted to the listener.


‘Step 6’
Soundbar to other components

You can connect your components to the tv easily but for the best sound, connect your other components to the soundbar. Connect your DVD, OR console to the soundbar using HDMI (in) while the tv connects to the HDMI (out).


‘Step 7’
Set up the soundbar audio

The soundbar to the sub will set up automatically but you may need to tweak the soundbar audio to other components using the remote


‘You can now easily set up your soundbar for the best home theatre experience
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