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How To 

How to set up a Hi-Fi system


Hi-Fi or high fidelity is a term used to reproduce sound on a home stereo system, such that it can be listened in the way an artist meant it to be. Although it’s not completely possible to generate the feeling of live music, still audiophiles put in efforts to make it as real.

Since the 60’s brands have been labelling their audio sets as Hi-Fi but there has been no clear definition of what defines it. Home owners have since then taken the task at their own hands to bring in the devices and wire them up. And just like them you can too. Here’s how to setup a Hi-Fi system at home in 3 simple steps:

‘Step 1’
Listing the Basics

You would want to plan out your setup by listing the basics first. What you want and how you want it defines it. So basically agree on the following – set safety measures first to limit noise interruption due to spiking of electricity at home (good electrical wall outlet, surge protection power conditioner, good cables), choose a single room setup or multi room booming and finally prioritize on gadgets vs your budget.


‘Step 2’
Look Through Systems

Check compatibility of the devices with the system you want the music to play on. So you might need a different amplifier if you are playing music on different systems for example record player vs your laptop. A digital to audio convertor might be needed in some cases (Lynx Hilo A/D D/A Converter System, Antelope Audio Zodiac+ Mastering DAC).

Also, in accordance with the amplifier you use, set your speakers accordingly. So for example - don’t use a Trace Elliot Elf amp with a JBL GO since both of them are heavy on base. It is a key step to choose the right system so don’t be afraid to keep rounding up at stores to listen to different devices or order stuff online only to return if it’s not the right fit.


‘Step 3’
Setting Up

Finally aligning your devices to bring out the best sound is what you want. Electrical interference is one thing you should avoid so make sure your system is isolated from other electrical equipment, keep your music records, CDs dust free and intact and pay premium for your digital music. Using the right set of cables (XLR, RCA, S/PDIF, USB) is also important since it helps in preserving the sound quality. And apart from technicalities of audio devices some other considerations can involve room treatment using diffusor panels. A qualified acoustician can also help in setting up the perfect place.


‘Using your creativity and following the above steps you can now easily design and assemble a perfect Hi-Fi system at your place’