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How to Install a Smart TV


Got a new smart TV and wondering what makes it smart and how exactly it works? Your smart TV is just like any other flat-screen TV unless connected to the internet. With a stable connection, you can access YouTube, Netflix, various streams, media content from your other devices, eCommerce sites, eSports, X-box and much more on your TV. Follow the steps below to learn how to install a smart TV.

Step 1 Connect to the Internet
You need to connect your TV to a stable internet connection. This can be either a wireless connection or a wired connection.

[*] Switch on the TV and select Network.


[*] Select the wireless mode of connection.


[*] Select Wifi Scan to find your network.


[*] Choose your network from the list of available WLANs.
[*] Enter the security key/password and click finish.


[*] For a wired connection, directly connect your ethernet cable to the TV.


A wired internet connection provides a better experience to users.

Step 2 Fine tune the TV settings
You need to adjust the sound and picture settings on your device as required. These settings can be easily updated at any time.
[*] Press the settings button on your TV remote.


[*] Select picture mode to change picture settings.


[*] Manually adjust the perfect brightness, backlight, contrast, video mode and more from the menu.


Select sound settings to fine-tune the audio effects.


Step 3[/] Connect media devices
Connect different media devices such as DVD player, sound systems, gaming consoles to your TV. To make the most of your smart TV, consider pairing it with a soundbar to compliment the HD graphics. You can also connect your smart TV to your iCloud or Google drive media storage. Additionally, you can connect to your audio and video streaming accounts such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, iTunes and Netflix.


These were the easy steps to install a smart tv


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