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How to improve studio room acoustics for best sound quality using Foam panels.


You might face difficulty in having a clear acoustic effect while recording songs in your studio. This is often due to the surrounding sound or the echoing effect. This can be prevented by the use of panel foams against the wall. The panel foams will prevent the surrounding sound from entering your studio and enhances the acoustic effect greatly. Here is how you can improve the studio room acoustics using foam panels.

‘Step 1’
‘Measure and cut the panel foam’

Once you open the foam panel leave it aside for some time to expand. Then ‘Measure and cut the foam panel’ based on the size that would require to cover the ceiling joins and other echo points in the room.


‘Step 2’
‘Clean the wall’

Before sticking the foam panels on the wall, first ‘Clean the wall’ with a soft cloth to ensure that the wall is clean without any dirt or roughs’ part.


‘Step 3’
‘Peel the red paper part of the poster hanging strip’

Now, to ensure that foam panel fixes firmly, ‘Peel the red part of the post hanging strip’ . This side of the post hanging strip must be on the foam panel.


‘Step 4’
‘Attach the red side of the poster strip on the foam panel’

Make sure to fix the ‘Red side of the poster hanging strip’ on the foam panel. Never stick the other side of the strip to ensure that foam panel sticks strongly against the wall.


‘Step 5’ Press the foam panel against the wall to fix it’
Now, ‘Press the foam panel’ piece against the wall so that the black side of the poster hanging strip is fixed firmly on the wall. This will ensure that the foam panel doesn't fall off and the wall is not damaged.


‘Step 6’
‘The entire foam panel is set up’

Make sure you ‘attach the foam panel’ pieces close to each other as shown below. This will ensure that the acoustic sound experience is enhanced to a great extent.


‘You can now easily improve the acoustic sound in your home studio by attaching the panel foams by following the above steps’



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