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How To Connect Home Theatre To A Set-Top Box


If you want to watch satellite TV channels, a good audio is vital for a full fledged experience. This is true for watching via the set top box provided with the TV from the cable or phone providers too.

By connecting your home theatre to the set top box, you can listen to crystal clear audio with the home theatre surround effect boosting the experience manifold. There are two ways to connect. Let us see both of them here.

Step 1
Auxilary Method:

In the image below you will find the back side of the set top box and home theatre system.

You have to connect the red and white sockets named as R and L audio output in the set top box to the corresponding colored input sockets present in the home theatre system. The connection is shown below


The cables used here is RCA cable, which transmits stereo signal that can transmit sound from the movie or TV show you are watching.

Step 2
Optical Method:

In the second way of connecting the two systems, you use a Toslink optical cable that connects the audio input in the set top box with the optical input socket in the home theatre system as shown below.

Make sure you remove the protective cap from the ends of the Toslink cable before you plug it in.

The surround sound effect is better with the optical cable than the RCA connection. Make sure you turn the set top box and the home theatre system on.

Use the home theatre remote to set the system to auxiliary, if using the RCA red and white cable or Optical, when using the optical cable as shown below:


Now, you are all set to enjoy your home theatre!