How to connect AV Preamp and Processor


AV Preamplifier, as the name suggests, is the connecting device between different media sources and Amplifiers. Preamps can connect many devices such as Bluray Player, DVD Players, VCR, home theatres, music players, etc. It is no wonder that with all the connecting holes, it’s confusing to use the AV processor. Follow the easy steps below to connect your AV Preamp to other devices.

Step 1
Connect the Preamp with Amplifier

Connect the amplifier to your AV processor with the use of RCA cables. Make sure you connect corresponded outputs of the preamp to inputs of the amplifier carefully. Usually, there are 5 or 7 RCA cables required to connect the two.


Step 2
Connect speakers with Amplifier

Connect the speakers with your amplifier by using RCA cables. Be cautious while making the connections; always connect the red (positive) outputs of the amplifier with red (positive) inputs of speakers.


Step 3
Connect the woofer with Preamp

Connect the subwoofer to your preamp by using an XLR or RCA cable.


Step 4
Connect AV media sources

Connect the AV media devices such as Blu-ray Player, DVD Player, Cable TV, etc to the preamp using HDMI cables. Connect the HDMI output port of the media source with the HDMI input port on the preamp.


Step 5
Connect other media devices

Use an HDMI cable to connect other AV devices such as Gaming consoles with the Preamp easily. Usually, a preamp has at least 3 HDMI input ports. Thereby, you can connect at least 3 media devices simultaneously.


Step 6
Connect the preamp with display

Connect the AV preamp to a display using an HDMI cable. Connect the HDMI output port of the preamp to the HDMI input port of the display.


This is how you can connect an AV Preamp to various media players.



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