How To 

How to connect a laser projector to a home theatre system


Before you consider buying a video projector, you should keep in mind where you’re going to project. Is it a screen or a wall? If you’re going to project a screen, then you should buy your screen together with the projector. Here is how you can connect a laser projector to a home theater system by following the steps below.

‘Step 1’
Projector placement
‘After unboxing your video projector, identify where and how you will place it’
according to the screen
Many video projectors may project in the direction of a screen from the rear or front, and a ceiling or the table-type platform also.


‘Step 2’
Connect to the sources and power up
‘You can connect one or several source devices’
for example, Game Console, Cable/Satellite Box, Home Theater video output, Media Streamer, PC, etc. to your projector.


‘Step 3’
Getting the images on the screen
‘To place the pictures on the screen correctly, if the projector is on a table’
lower or raise the front of the audio projector using the adjustable feet that are placed on the base front of the audio projector. Other times there are adjustable feet placed on the right and left corners of the rear as well.


‘Step 4’
Optimize your pictures

Once you have set up everything above, you can ‘make more adjustments to maximize your viewing experience’ .


‘Step 5’
Don’t forget the sound

Apart from your audio projector and screen, ‘consider the sound factor also’ .


‘You can now easily connect a laser projector to a home theatre system by following the above steps’