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How to Connect a Home Cinema System to a 2-Channel AV Receiver


The Audio/Video (AV) receiver is the hub of your home cinema system. This is what receives and processes the audio signal from your home cinema’s TV or media player and transmits it to your TV and speakers. A 2-channel AV receiver is the cheapest and the most basic receiver which allows you to connect 2 speakers to your home cinema system. This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to connect a home cinema system to a 2-channel AV receiver.

Step 1
Set up the receiver

Connect your TV/PC/media player to the labeled ports on the receiver. This will prepare your home cinema system for transmission through the 2-channel AV receiver.


Step 2
Position the speakers

Since this is a 2-channel receiver, only two speakers can be connected. Place the two speakers on the left and the right sides of the TV. Your speakers are now ready to be connected to the receiver.


Step 3
Connect the speakers to the receiver

Connect the two speakers to the appropriately labeled ports on the receiver. Your home cinema speakers are now set up.


Step 4
Turn on the system

Turn on the home cinema system and adjust your speakers either using the receiver or through a related app. You can choose the ‘2-channel stereo’ audio tracks for your DVD movies if the option is available. This will help provide you the best sound experience that 2 speakers can even without the surround sound feature of 5.1 or 7.1 systems. Your home cinema system is now set up through a 2-channel receiver to play your favorite content.


You can now enjoy your home cinema theater in an affordable way!


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