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How to connect a Digital Analog Converter to a mobile phone


DAC or Digital Analog Converter is a device that converts digital signals into analog signals. It is widely used with mobile phones to improve the sound quality of headphones/earphones. DAC requires a simple USB connection from the mobile phone to work. Music enthusiasts worldwide use DACs to improve audio output. Here is how you can connect a digital analog converter to a mobile phone.

Step 1
Connect USB cable to the phone

Connect one end of the USB on-the-go cable to the USB port on the phone which is a c-type charging port normally.


Step 2
Connect the USB to the USB plug

Connect the other end of the USB on-the-go to the USB plug.


Step 3
Connect DAC to the USB plug

Connect the other of the USB plug to the Digital Analog Converter.


Step 4
Turn on the DAC

Switch on the DAC by turning on the power button on the device. A little LED light will glow when the DAC is switched on.


Step 5
Connect the headphones

You need a 3.5 mm jack or C-type connector headphone to connect with the DAC. Simply plug in the device to your DAC.


And this is it, now your mobile phone is connected to the digital analog converter. You can play any media on the phone.



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