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How To 

How to connect 3D headphones


Nothing enhances your gaming or music experience better than 3D headphones. These devices could either be wired or wireless. In some cases, your 3D headphones have both features. Your headphones can be connected with your mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, PlayStation and tablets. Here’s how you can connect your 3D headphones to any device.

Step 1
Charge your headphones

3D headphones run on the battery and need to be charged regularly. Here’s how to charge your device.

[*] Connect the charging cable to your device.


[*] Connect the other end of the cable to an adaptor and put the device on charging.


Turn on the headphones

Switch on your headphones by pressing the power button.


Step 3
Make the device visible

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to make your Bluetooth headphones visible. This needs to be done when connecting the headphones for the first time or to a new device.


Step 4
Turn Bluetooth on your media device

You need to switch on the Bluetooth on your TV/laptop/mobile/tablet or any media device that you wish to connect with your headphones.


Step 5
Pair the devices

From the list of available devices, select your 3D headphones to pair it with your media device.


Step 6
Play the media

Once your headphones are connected to your device, you can play any media and enjoy.


If your 3D headphones also support wired connection then you can simply connect them to other media devices by using the two-way 3.5mm jack cable.



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