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How To Add Bass To Your Home Theatre System


The presence of bass in audio is one of the most important part of any symphony or music, it is the pulse of the beat, the rhythm of the beat and the note that completes the harmony. In a home theater, the Subwoofer is responsible for producing the lowest frequency note which is the bass you need. Most home theater systems, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 are normally accompanied by a subwoofer so at least you have some bass in the mix, but the bass requirement for each room is different, so if your subwoofer is not correctly placed you could be missing out on the lowest frequencies or worse if you don’t have a subwoofer at all, then you aren’t getting anything, go purchase one immediately. Here is exactly how to add bass to your system and correctly place it.

‘Step 1’
Subwoofer identification

Identify your subwoofer type and how it produces bass, from the sides or the front, and if you don’t have a subwoofer, go purchase one.


‘Step 2’
Place the subwoofer near the listener

Place the subwoofer at a position where you can hear, on a table, or a chair


‘Step 3’
Listen for the lowest frequency

Put on some music or movie and listen for the lowest frequency, you should be able to hear the notes clearly


‘Step 4’
Subwoofer crawl

With the subwoofer at the position where you can hear. Crawl around the room on all fours and put your ears to the ground moving around the room for the spot where the bass sounds best.


‘Step 5’
Place the subwoofer

Once you find the best spot, place the subwoofer there


‘Step 6’
More Bass

If you need more unidirectional enveloping bass, consider adding another subwoofer, dual subwoofers enhance the bass experience. Place the dual subwoofer opposite or diagonally opposite the other subwoofer for the best experience.


‘With the above steps you can now easily add bass to your home theatre system’



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