How good is the DAC in the Cambridge Audio CXN V2?

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Aug 18, 2021
But its built to be an streamer, so seems silly to buy it only for the dac element.

I would be using it as a streamer too, but only for Chromecast Audio, none of the other streaming formats/services. On that subject, from what I can see online, one downside of the 851N when compared to the CXNv2 is that the 851n doesn't seem to include Chromecast Audio support.

In any case, I think this may be a very good point:

The CXN is a full-size component which is a network streamer with a large colour display…..and a built in DAC. Think how the money has been spent on the various parts. Then compare it to a stand alone DAC in a smaller case where the money has just gone on the DAC and quality internal components.

If a large proportion of the ££ has gone on features I'll not need (rather than about £50 out of the £800, which I was probably naively assuming it was!) and so I should not get distracted from my original plan A of an M-DAC+, except to perhaps consider Tinman1952's suggestion of an SMSL one.

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Exactly what do you stream with the chromecast audio?


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