Hi and Denon DHT S216 questions


May 23, 2021
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Hi, I've just bought my first sound bar and have a list of questions since using it and would appreciate any help or advice.

Current set up. S216 via HDMI ARC to my LG 55UM7400PLB and Samsung BD H6500 to HDMI on TV.

Q1. I put a DTS HD blu ray disk in and to HDMI 2 which says no signal? Eventually a screen appears from the disk I press play and the TV says no signal? After a bit of switching off then on the disk Eventually plays. I haven't used this in a while but wondered why this is happening now? Should I connect the Bluray direct to the spare HDMI on the sound bar?

Q2. When I play a disk that has dts HD and I select dts on the denon remote the illuminated lights remain green for dolby and not orange for dts. The sound is still great buy wondered why this is happening?

Q3. What is the difference between dts x and dts virtual x 3d surround? I've googled but still confused. Is it the same? It's just I don't want to waste my time looking for dts x content if it's not the same as virtual x 3d . It's all very confusing!

Q4. I was taken in by the 3d sound feature but I'm unsure if I need a UHD blu ray or will the player I have suffice? The next question is...

Q5. Where and what content is available in this format? I've googled and was dismayed to see SkyQ, Netflix and Amazon don't broadcast in this format nevermind dts and there seems to be very little blu ray content so any suggestions would be appreciated 😀

Sorry for all the questions. Believe it or not I'm generally happy with the sound but I'd like to get the most from it.



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