Help with purchasing Blu-ray player with analogue audio outputs


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Sep 14, 2007
Looking for some suggestions on purchasing a new Blu-ray player. Have just moved my PS3 and Pioneer multi-region DVD player into the kids playroom. I have an Arcam AVR300 which I'm still really happy with as I play music through it via Sonos. So I'm looking to but a Blu-ray player with 5.1/7.1 audio outputs to connect to the AVR300, I also have quite a few Region 1 DVD's so would really like it to play multi-region DVD's, not so bothered about muli-region blu-rays. What players are there new and even ones second hand I could purchase (not too old old). Don't really want to spend over £300.
Look at Panasonic BDT500:

Available here, with multiregion for DVDs:


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