HELP quick!!!


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Jul 17, 2007
Just walked into richer sounds for CA650a and they have in a CA 650r for £700. In terms of 2channel sound and home theatre, is it worth getting the CA650r and buyin a decent home theatre speaker setup such as the B&W 685 package. Having gd sound from both 2channel and home theatre ??? Oh.....the source is CA650bd.


Could you retype maybe with better english; what you've typed is hard to understand!

Are you asking whether you should go for a decent hifi stereo or AV/surround sound set-up?

Only you can decide really. Do you want a good hifi system or a good AV system for films etc...

Do you listen to music more or watch films more?

IMO if you watch a lot of movies then go for a decent sound sound system with a good AV amp BUT maybe consider buying a decent 2nd hand stereo power amp (i.e. Arcam Alpha 9 or 10P) and use that to power your front L & R speakers for stereo


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