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Aug 10, 2019
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I've had loads of problems recently with my setup, When I moved house I decided to buy a new amp and new speakers so I bought a Yamaha 371 amp and Cambridge audio s70,s20 and s50 speakers along with a sub to match.
After a while i started noticing a click from one of the surrounds almost like static was being released. Being pretty underwhelmed by the amp anyway and I decided to change the amp so I bought a marantz nr1602.
When I got home the difference was fantastic and I was totally happy until I heard the click again! So I took the speaker back to where I'd bought it and they sent it away for repair. In the meantime I bought a pair of the s30 speakers with a thought to using the s20's as rear surrounds for 7.1
Still following??
So all is well however now I have a problem with the amp being that it can't seem to tolerate high pitched frequencies such as shouting, screaming, singing and police sirens without making the speakers distort, This is especially evident in "Haywire" and also "Glee the 3d concert" (the wifes)
Now I've spoken with Marantz and they asked me to try and reset the amp and it's still there so they told me to swap it for another one.
I have told them the specs of the speakers and they are confident that even though the 1602 is only 50w per channel it should drive them not problems.
I have tried different speakers and it made no difference (once bitten)
Thing is the shop i bought it from doesn't have another one and don't know exactly when they'll get one but they will allow me to swap it for another amp if I pay the difference.
So a few questions really
1, Does anyone have any idea why the amp is making the speakers distort at high frequencies?
2, Would you upgrade the amp or wait for a replacment? (given that i'm worried that i'll forever be listening for faults instead of watching the film)
3, If I do upgrade I've decided that I would get a very good amp that will not have any problems in utilising my speakers and I've narrowed it down to
Yamaha RXA810
Pioneer VSX2021
Can anyone give me any advice on which of these amps is better? I did look at Onkyo amps but the reliability issue has put me off and tbh I'm at the end of my tether here as it is :(
Thanks for looking and any advice would be very much appreciated!


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May 10, 2010
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This is what i would do, IF i had the money to upgrade to a new amp i would demo each amp at home with the said speakers, the shop will allow this normally as long as you pay in full and once returned you get a full refund, this way you will know if its your amp or your speakers.



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