Help Please: Onkyo TX-SR606 & MJ Acoustics High Level Subwoofer Lead


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys. This question is quite technical and should be answed only by Onkyo Service center however, their office is already closed so I hope somebody can help me by using this forum. I would like to ask if anybody has used a high level subwoofer lead connected to their Onkyo TX-SR606 av receiver?

I just want to know if this AV Receiver (TX-SR606) has a Digital Output Stage or is wired in BTL (Bridge Tied Load) mode. The reason for asking is I am going to connect both high level & LFE inputs of my subwoofer at the same time to my Onkyo av receiver.

I just want to make sure that by doing so no damage will occur to my av receiver/subwoofer.

Thanks so much.


Hello again. I took the risk of connecting the lead anyway and guess what? It worked perfectly! Bass performance is superb! I reckon this is the secret to a much better stereo sound. You guys should try it. You won't regret it!


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