HELP! ITunes missing msi file and unable to uninstall


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Aug 10, 2019
Please can someone help me - again. After an unsuccessful iTunes update, I am no longer able to access iTunes full stop. It appears I am missing an msi file (a common problem from some google searches). To rectify it seems I need to download Windows Installer Clean Up to remove I tunes and asociated files (which cannot be done through the normal uninstall route. When I try to download the program it says I do not have administartor rights.

Please help....



TBH, I'm no tech-expert and only responding here because no-one better qualified has taken the bait. Therefore, sorry if I'm asking the obvious, but are you using an account with 'administrator' rights, as opposed to 'guest'? If you're not sure go into Control Panel, click on 'user accounts' and see what it says. Are there any 'administrator' accounts in there? If so, use one. If not, try setting yourself up with a new administrator level account, using options within the 'user accounts' area, and run your procedure again under the new acct. If that's not the problem, there are loads of forums with threads on 'permissions' problems, particularly in Vista. The answer will be there - you'll just need to search and probably deploy a bit of trial and error. The undernoted post goes way beyond anything I've had to use but might be instructive.

Good luck.ÿ


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