Itunes Bonjour Problem


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Apr 19, 2008
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I am trying to re-install itunes but need to remove all my Apple programs off my Windows Laptop first but am unable to remove Bonjour any help before I need to go and visit the smugs at the Genius Bar ? I have looked online but the solutions are either not clear enough for me or dont seem to work. I'm about as computer literate as a dead snail who has lost his glasses so be gentle with me, you have been warned,. How about a nice box of chocs for the person that gets a solution that works with very basic steps. I use Vista as an operating system.

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It may be that the instalation was damaged so cant be accessed by the add/remove programs. You can try windows installer cleanup utility which wont remove it, only remove its registry entrys. This should alow you to reinstall and write over the old files.


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