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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm considering buying a traditional stereo receiver for my Father for Christmas. I'll probably get my brother to chip in for it. I need something that has a built-in amplifier/AM-FM radio and that you can hook up to a CD player, cassette player, turntable and (important) the TV and/or DVD player for a "home theater" thing. I'd also like something that's compatible with wireless speakers.

It's been a while since I bought any serious stereo equipment. Any recommendations?

I'm not looking for something "top of the line". I just want something well-made, that's reasonably priced. Maybe <$200(US)



I saw a couple Philips ones at Sams Club. Also some Sonys, Panasonics and such. The ones below 200 bucks, they'll do all but hooking up all other devices may be. If go a lil up, may be 250-300 you could get what you are after. There are a few Sonys out there who do things like that. Visit Walmart, Circuit City or Sams Club, you'll get some choices.

I also rememebr seeing something from Onkyo at Radio Shack. 200 bucks for a 5.1 system and it did all you are asking for.


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