Help - cannot find satellite signal.


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I have a brand new Foxsat box, connected to a sky dish that I know was working ok last september. It's sat there blinking annoyingly searching for a satellite signal. Any ideas? I have checked the LNB in connection, looks ok to me, and its nice and tight, I assume from the set up instructions there is no other external connections needed?

I guess either the dish has moved or the LNB cable / connection is broken somewhere. Oh and it doesn't recognise my postcode even though the house was built in 1927.....


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Mar 29, 2009
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Do you have a friend with a sat system, take your box to them and see if it works on their dish. If it does, get your LNB and cable checked. If not - get a new box!

Use another postcode from your town (maybe the friend's) it only uses it so you get the correct regional ITV and BBC progs