Moving Sky HD box to another room

Pete Shields

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Sep 23, 2008
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I currently have sky HD installed in the front room at home with my dish situated on the front of the house. I use the two available LNB connections to feed two freesat tv's throughout the house.

I want to now move the sky box to the back room but the cable is too short.

I can either rewire completely from the satellite dish to the back room (which I assume will be the best job).

Or I can get an F-connector and join the cable with a length of new cable. I have raised floors, so putting the cables under the floorboards is by far the easiest option. Will the jointing of the cables work ok or will it cause signal loss problems?


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The insertion loss of an F to F coupler joint is about the same as 1m of sat quality cable, so it's minimal.

If the joint was going to be outside, then i'd advise running a fresh cable, because of the potential for faults from water ingress, but under the floorboards it should be fine, though i'd probably use some amalgamating tape to waterproof the joint in case of damp.


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