Headphones because of small room


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Aug 10, 2019
The only place I have to setup my hi-fi is in the box room (7' x 7') due to kids etc. I've come to the conclusion that this is going to be impossible with speakers (or maybe not?). I was just about to despair when I thought... hmm... headphones!!

My system is Townshend Avalon with OM10 MC cartridge, I'm aiming to buy a valve amp this time, probably a Puresound SA30, with P10 phono stage and eventually add a suitable CD player. Ilisten to all sorts of music but mainly rock/live recordings e.g. Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, AC/DC etc.

Any views ? suggestions on headphones or even speakers ? I reckon by the time I get a chair in there I'd be about 4' from the speakers if I'm lucky which I think is too close for them to work right.


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Jul 24, 2007
I listen to those bands and I have the recommend the Grado/Alessandro set of phones as they are suited for rock. I own the Alessandro MS2 headphones and they are really detailed and highly engaging sound.

I personally would go for Alessandro over Grado as the price is so much better and you get more phones for your money. The Grado 325i are about 240 pounds whereas the Alessandro MS2 which is better than the 325i is 148 pounds with free shipping from USA. Item is marked as a low price as to avoid customs. Delivery usually a week.

I own them as i said previously and you would be glad you purchased them.

Avoid Sennheiser as they are dull IMHO. Beyerdynamic is ok with rock music but you can buy a better phone ala Alessandro MS2 for less money. Check out www.headfi.,org and search MS2.

Hope this helps.


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