HD on freesat vs freeview


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Aug 10, 2019
I've recently left Sky and am planning on getting either the Freeview Humax HDR Fox t2 or the Freesat Humax Foxsat HDR. I see that both get 5 stars from WHF team. Wondered if Freesat would give me better HD & SD picture quality, or if the new freeview Humax HDR Fox t2 gave equally impressive performance? If so I'd go for the latter (cos of the extra functionality of the TV portal) but don't want to lost out on picture quality.

Any advice gratefully received!


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Dec 28, 2007
From past reflections, I seem to remember WHF stating that the Freesat performance had a slight edge on the Freeview performance when looking at BBC HD, but it was incredibly close. I'd say the fact that, due to lack of bandwidth constraints, Freesat is more likely to have further HD channels introduced in the future whereas Freeview HD will be stuck to the four it currently has for quite some time - this should be more of an influence on your decision personally. However, if the catchup / internet channels are more important than Freesat's potential future HD lineup, the HDR Fox T2 might be a better bet - you'll have to the judge!


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