HD Freeview - New tuner required in the future?


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Dec 27, 2007
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So looking at buying a new flat screen TV, probably the Panasonic TX-32LXD70 which I know comes with a freeview digital tuner. I'll probably also looking at getting a PVR or Media Centre (to act in part as a PVR). I'm now starting to read things about HD Digital TV. Although I'm aware that currently only Sky and Virgin provide HD TV services, when HD services become available on Freeview, will this mean that the Freeview/Digital Tuner in my TV or the PVR itself will become obsolete and I'll need to purchase new tuners?

John Duncan

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You would need a new tuner to receive the HD channels (or decode or output them anyway) but the old one will still show the old channels - the freeview HD channels will sit alongside their SD counterparts and will not replace them, certainly not in the short-to-medium term.


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