Greetings from Japan


Dec 26, 2019
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Hello all, long time lurker, first time member here.

Spent my youth in bands and as a soundguy in the Toronto metal scene, but as I moved to Japan and age and money have both increased, I started to get into my home theatre. When I built my house last year, I was able to focus the living room around it. Currently, I'm running a 5.1.2 setup, with the height channels being behind instead of in front.

Powered by a Denon 4500H receiver, I put Dali Oberon 7s up front and matched to the centre speaker. For sides, I inherited some Denon floor standers, a Japanese model that I've had a hard time finding info about but am quite satisfied with their performance. Hanging behind from the ceiling and enabling Atmos, I have a pair of denon bookshelf speakers. I was limited in what I could buy due to mounting brackets being not widely available here.

All of this pairs well with the 65 inch LG C8 OLED hung on the wall. I'm quite happy with everything, especially the oberon speakers (still waiting on the WHF review of the 7s!), and they get a strong recommendation from me.

Thanks, see you guys around!