Getting Sky Leads Extended...?

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Jul 31, 2008

I'm about to do the same thing, and I've decided to try the DIY route. So, I'm about to order some of these...
Sky+ twin cable extension 90§ F-Socket adaptors 7mm hole tidy grommets

The merchant makes various extension cable lengths, as you'd expect.

I'm presuming the "Signal Quality" meter on my Sky box won't suffer any major differences... even if it does, I haven't wasted too much cash. I strongly suspect I won't see any negative change in picture quality... and I'll even have a tidier solution than the half-bothered "drill hole, job done" effort the official Sky installers did in the first place. The "pros" didn't even bother with grommets for the hole in the wooden window frame, let alone tidy the cable route or install faceplates. They were out the door before I could even inspect their handiwork. In fact, I think the aerial install I did for my treehouse at age 14 would've set too high a benchmark for them. :)

Well sound's like you've had the cowboys in! For starters they shouldn't of been running cables through your window frames, a big no-no as far as Sky is concerned.It should have been brought in through the wall and holes grommeted and sealed with silicone, unless not possible for some reason.But if drilling of window frames is required it's at the installers discretion and at customers own risk and should of been indicated on paperwork and agreed/signed by you.

As for faceplates they're never used by Sky, as ideally it should be a continious cable run from dish to stb.

The cable you've ordered (wf 65 siamese/shotgun) is sky approved for sky+/HD installations but is a lot thinner than the cable used for single runs (ct100/wc100/wf100/pf100) you may see a slight drop in signal strength/quality but not enough to cause any problems unless your signal was marginal to start with.

What i will add though is wf65 is "Sky approved" but lesser spec'd than the ct100 etc,but because it's stupidly thin it requires smaller f connector's and though designed for the job never fit properly, even the crimp on ones, and are forever falling off and for that reason a lot of independent installers wont use it.


apparently argos do a 10m extension kit with all the connections for £5.99.


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Oct 8, 2007
They do indeed ronkyl! I think im gonna try that first as, to be fair, its quite a bit more expensive for that cable above.

Thanks for the tip and sorry i took ages to get back to you!

EDIT - just bought one too. Dunno when itll get done but ill keep you informed.


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