Funny picture on page 55


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Aug 10, 2019
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I was jut flicking through my March copy of WHF last night and had to laugh. First off there's a picture of a B&W system of page 55... "Look no cables!!" it says. Ha ha, yes there may be no speaker cable, but each speaker will need mains cables instead. (Unless they are battery powered????) So what would you rather have, small, thin white speakers cables, some of which can be very flat to allow them to be hidden under carpets or behind skirting boards, etc. Or big fat mains leads all over the place...??? Not to mention the safety implications of having 240V all over the place. To my astonishment it got funnier - at the top of p55 is a photo of woman in a trendy loft appartment obviously engressed in a sci-fi flick (blade runner?). In fact she's so engrossed she hasn't even bothered to wire up any of her new Mordant Short surrond speakers!!Or are these a fully 'wire-less" design???