Fonestar brand: CD Player and Amplifier


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Jan 14, 2020
Hi all!

I've been using a small, cheap, all-in-one compact system, with not very good sound...

It's time to upgrade, but unfortunately, my budged is limited. So, a store near my house has the following products from Fonestar:

CD Player (172 Euros)

Amplifier (225 Euros)

Now, this is, I think, a Spanish brand (or rebranded Chinese...). Their website isn't very informative about the specs and I can't find any reviews on these products.

For instance, I can't find anywhere if the CD Player supports gapless playing...

They are very cheap... and most of the times you get what you pay for, but sometimes there are bargains form hi-fi equipment that sound way better than their cost implies.

So I'm asking:

- does anyone ever tried/owned one of these products (or other from Fonestar brand)? If so, what's your opinion? They are "garbage", acceptable for the price, very good for their low price?

Thanks in advance!
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Regarding gapless playback why don't you simply ask at the store, or take a CD to try?
PS: Don't all CD players do gapless playback?
Gapless audio is more an issue with music streamers
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