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Focal Aria Dilemma

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Mar 17, 2013
Focal Arial is a high end speaker and you do want to use a good amp

Nad amps are rated at 2 ohm and older denon amps like Denon PMA-300-900v are rated at 2 ohm, i don't see why you have to use a high end several £1000 amp, even a less than 300 euro Crown XLS 1002 can handle 2 ohm even cheaper behringer amps are 2 ohm stable

Hegel H190 are rated down to 2 ohm, 1 ohm it totally fails 60 watt, 2 ohm almost 700 watt https://www.hegel.com/images/reviews/H190hifinewsuk.pdf

My point is there is alot of amps that can handle 2 ohm loads and it doesn't have to be super expensive, any god amp 15-20 kg £1500-2000 amp woulb be able to handle focal arial like Hegel H190, denon -2500NE nad C388..... would do the job


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Sep 20, 2016
It's not that I dont want to. But looking at Aria range it seems the same issue arises. Thats just not good engineering. With Sopra they effectively dip lower than 2 Ohms. And no, trust me your last paragraphs certainly doesn't apply to Sopras if you want them driven properly at reasonable volume. For Arias maybe. It is crazy to have a minimum requirement to spend more on an amp than speakers because of how they are designed.
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