First AV Receiver.. Please HELP.. :)


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Feb 12, 2012
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Hi All,

Planning to get my first receiver to upgrade from my T-Amp 2.0 setup . So i'm pretty much psyched up! :p

Nothing high end, just to enjoy Cable, Ps3 and movies/songs from my Mac.

To be paired with my Wharfedale Diamond 10.1. So far the sounds have been sweet with my T-Amp. No complains.

Guess its just time for me to upgrade a lil which i guess some of you HIFIers face once in your HIFI life. haha

OK i am setting this up in my 3m x 4m room.

Daily usage for Cable TV, PS3 & Macbook Pro on 32" LED. Especially on my Battlefield 3.. hehe

Contemplating on Yamaha RX-V471. any other suggestions around its price range???

Planning to add another speaker too in the near future. Center or Subs? Which One?

Ok sweet and simple. :)


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