Question Finding a Quad 33 Pre-Amp - Help Needed

Laura B

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Jul 15, 2020
I'm hoping someone here can help. Back in the 90s, my father used to run a small business called Academy Sound in Cornwall, which mainly focussed on converting the Quad 33 pre-amp so that it was compatible with CD players.

Sadly, my Dad passed away in March and I have very little other than memories to remember him by. I have been searching every day to see if one of these amps might come up for sale on Ebay but am having no luck. Does anyone here know of anyone who might be willing to part with one or have one they no longer need? He was such a clever man and I would love to have something that my Dad worked on.

Thank you so much.
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Laura, you could try HiFi Wigwam forum too as there are lots of guys over there who own Quad amps; they're good guys too (y)
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Gordon C

Jul 10, 2021
Thank you but unfortunately it's not been converted by Academy Sound.
Hi, I realise that it is over a year ago since your original post, but if you are still looking for a Quad33/303 that your Dad converted then I do have one, that I have owned from new and is still in working condition.

You are welcome to email me if you are interested.

Regards, Gordon