Question External phono preamps with Onkyo A-9010 ?


Aug 27, 2020
Onkyo A-9010 Amp owners: have you ever bypassed the internal phono stage and connected to one of the line inputs with an EXTERNAL PHONO PREAMP? If so, can you state what you experienced with sound improvement?

Background for my query:

I recently upgraded my TT cartridge to an Audio Technica VM540ML and I’m very happy with the unlocked quality of my favorite rock and prog albums. I’m now wondering what sort of additional demonstrable sound improvement I can squeeze out of my Onkyo A-9010, or have I simply topped off? I’m wondering if a cartridge upgrade feeding into an existing amp is the only way to go, and if the addition of an external phono preamp, regardless of type or price will be a nominal change as the Onkyo is the bottleneck based on its own design limitations?
Not too sure what you mean by its own design limitations.
Feed it a good signal and it will amplify it.
You are correct that for that sort of money the internal phono stage isn't going to be brilliant.
If you want to do justice to a £220 cartridge then investigate an external phono preamp
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