Exposure 3010s2 vs Exposure XXXV


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Aug 6, 2009
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From what I recall, neither is really an upgrade to the other - they're both different animals, and both the 35 was marketed at the same time as the original 2010 and 3010 models.

The exposure 'classic' 23 pre, 28 power & 35 integrated models were basically a minor rework of the original John Farlowe designs after he sold the company and emigrated to Thailand. The exposure 2010/3010 and MCX series were all-new designs by Tony Brady, who took over the design once exposure was under new ownership. Tony has different ideas, and these are reflected in the sound of his designs. There are many exposure 'traditionalists' (like myself) who prefer the original Farlowe sound, but similarly there are many new fans who prefer Tony's designs - it depends what you like, so you really need to go and hear them both before deciding.

As I recall, the first 3010 had no suffix, then the 's' came along with a few modifications and more power, and the 's2' is again basically a slightly revised version of that. The 35 integrated is a Tony tweaked version of the original Farlowe designed 25, which itself was based on his earlier '15' design, that based on Farlowes original integrated called the '10'... which the press of the time loved to bits, garnering many rave reviews.