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Question Elac BS-312


Oct 7, 2020
Because I move allot I was looking for some small sized HIFI speakers which will be easy for portability, but as high fidelity as I can get. And the Elac BS312 seems to be the perfect speakers for me.
However the price tag is around 1800 euro and I can't find any comparison to other speakers so I could know how good they are.
Is it possible speakers of it's size to sound as good as the tech specs?
My dilemma is that they have 4 inch woofers who suppose to go as low as 42hz at -3db, but there are speakers 3 times the size who can't go as low.

If anyone heard this little speakers or have any knowledge about them please let me know if they are worth the hype.

Tech Specs
- Speaker type: 2-way, bass reflex
- Tweeter: 1 x JET 5
- Woofer: 1 x 115 mm AS -XR cone
- Crossover frequency: 3,200 Hz
- Frequency response: 42 to 50,000 Hz
- Sensitivity: 87 dB at 2.83 v/1m
- Recommended amp power: 50 to 150 wpc
- Nominal/peak power handling: 70 / 100 wpc
- Nominal impedance: 4Ω; min 3.4Ω @280Hz
- Binding posts: 5-way metal
- Magnetic shielding: No
- Cabinet finish: High gloss black or white
- Accessories included: Metal grille
- Dimensions (HWD): 208 x 123 x 282mm
- Net weight (pair): 32 lb / 14.5 kg




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