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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I would like to build a system that is musical and fun.
I have auditioned a creek evo2 with totem rainmakers and i have found the combo really entertaining. I would not mind saving some money though and based on all the great reviews i was thinking i would try the EB1s.
Could anyone who has ACTUALLY heard both speaker advise me on the musicality of the EB1s? Are they comparable?
Thank you all in advance


The only advice I can give is that Totems are immensely entertaining (I've only listened to the Arro) and should be a cracking match with Creek. I had the Evo2 on home dem over a year ago and it has a similar tonal balance to Arcam, and apparently Totem and Arcam is very good.

I know when WHFI reviewed EB2s (much larger than 1s) they commented that you'll need to spend around the grand mark to match their overall qualities. Based on that very tenuous conclusion I'd say 'NO' the Totems should outperform the EBs. That said, order a pair of EBs - which could take a couple of months before delivery - and if you don't like them use the EB returns policy.

Apologies for giving a patchy answer but I doubt if anyone has heard the two speakers to compare.
Perhaps your best system would come from looking into a pair of EB2's instead of the EB1's as you would still be saving about 400 quid and I am sure these would sound better than the Rainmakers.
I thought so after auditioning both and I still have the EB2's.
Like Plastic Penguin quotes you would need to spend a whole lot more to better the EB2s.


hi guys, thank you very much for the reply. i currently own 60 cm stands. would i need to replace them for something lower as the eb website recommends for the EB2s or could i get away with them? :)
Mine are currently on 60cm stands and work well. The aim would be to get the tweeters at approximately the same height as your ears when you are in a seated listening position so would depend on how low your seating is. The EB2's are quite tall so you may be better off with stands in the order of 50cm. Try to measure the distance yourself and see what you think.


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