Earfun Air Pro 3


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Jul 15, 2010
Have to say I fundamentally disagree with the conclusion on the audio quality of these headphones, almost to the extent that I wonder if we were listening to the same model!!

I own a pair of the standard Earfun Airs as well and listened to the Pro 3 pair in comparison. There was absolutely no contest! The Pro 3s are way better in every respect - particularly bass which was full, tight and tuneful. Treble is clear and incisive, voices clear and natural. There is a sense that they could be exaggerating slightly, but perfect for listening in noisy environments. Sure, my Sennheiser HD600 over-ears are more subtle but the Pro 3s are entertaining and dynamic - never boring. When you are on the Jubilee line and trying to hear music or a podcast over the sound of the squealing wheels, or trying to listen to some calming Bach in a noisy cafe they are brilliant. The battery life is plenty in practice. I never use them more than 3-4 hours in a day, with plenty of opportunity for them to stay in the case to recharge between sessions. I have had them 5 days now. The case is on 25% and the buds 90%. I have yet to recharge the case - seeing how long they go. I have noise cancelling on when needed which is about 2/3 of the time. I bought them from the online retailer beginning with A for £69.99 and very pleased I did! Maybe one could be more critical if you had them in all the time, say at your desk in a quiet office, but then why pay for noise cancelling? Forgot to mention call quality is excellent too. Perhaps a hi-fi magazine is the wrong place for a review of these. They are supremely practical when you are out and about, which is what they are designed for. And they DO sound a lot better than this review implies - and are excellent value.
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