Dynaudio Audience 52, partner with which amp/cd player?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello all!

I've decided it is time to replace my arcam cd player and amp (they are over 10 years old now and starting to falter more and more). I bought the audience 52's only a couple of years ago which sound simply amazing!

I've been trying to narrow down a good single make amp/cd combo to partner the audience 52's but want to make sure that what I get works well with the 52's. Cyrus seem to have some well respected units and I am currently drawn to the 8vs2 amp with either a cd6s or cd8x (is the extra £350 worth it for the cd8x?). But after talking to my local retailer, they have suggested either an arcam cd72/a70 or cd192/a90 combo and also suggested looking at the naim entry level kit (cd5i/nait 5i).

When I asked which would would be the best partner to my speakers they couldn't really say. I do have a demo in a weeks time to compare them all, but wondered what everyone elses opinion is?

Many thanks!



Hello again,

I was just wondering why there has been no reply to this thread (and a small number of other threads)? With activity elsewhere in the same forum it can't be because nobody is reading. Has it simply been overlooked? Is it because I did not supply a real address when I registered with the forum? Am I asking the wrong questions?

I'm not having a pop, it just seems strange. If there is something that I (and others) have done or not done to cause our threads to be overlooked it would be nice if we were told rather than ignored. I would be more than happy to oblige.

Thanks in advance.



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Jun 25, 2007
Hi Stuart,

I don't think you're doing anything wrong - maybe simply the Audience 52s have not been 'in the spotlight' lately and people have either not heard them in a system, nor have they seen them reviewed on their own or in a system recently... I find this weird since I know they are among the best speakers in their class, and I think they should be given more attention. For some reason British hifi press has neglected them in the past months/years - I hope not because they're a non-British contender...

However what I know about the Audience 52s is that they need a powerful neutral amplifier - so a 100W plus unit is probably what you should be looking for... I guess the Arcam A90 would be a good choice - not 100 W but pretty close... Also an obvious choice at the moment would be the latest Roksan Kandy - very powerful at 120W and with amazing review from this magazine... What Hifi considers it to be one of the sub 1000 pounds revelations, stating preety much that it is the best amplifier at its price EVER... Why not give the Roksan Kandy system a try? Both units - cd player and amp - are 1300 pound together (650 quid each).

Good luck with yuor shopping and let us know what you've found.




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