Dvd collection to HDD for 3 Samsung TVs


Dec 2, 2021
Hi, I have 240 privately recorded DVDs in my collection. I have 3 samsung 4k tvs, one 75" into Denon Avr x3600H, one 70" into old Cambridge Audio azur 340 and the other 55" with sky into Sonos Connect Amp.
The 75" has dvd player that I use to watch my collection on, now I want to have a hard drive based solution so I don't have to load dvds all the time .
The wifi near 70" is 5g. The wifi in 75" is awful probably due to 3 brick wall separation from router. Broadband is Virgin with latest router hub3 .
What I need to achieve is quick solution to keep dvd vob files which I now have on laptop so I get no reduction in picture quality and have the DVDs music played via the amps.
I've considered multiple usb pen drives per tv, ext USB HDD per tv, sony blu ray player with USB attached.

I have WD Mycloud Home with plex which doesn't support .VOB files, and I wouldn't be able to stream that with awful WiFi.

So what's the take on this. Obviously people have already achieved this for movies.

I'd be happy to spend £300 on a dvd recorder if i can either transfer my dvds to its HDD or transfer my vob files from USB drive to its HDD....
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