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  1. Exiled Royal

    Triangle AIO Twin USB

    Can anybody tell me if it's possible to attach an SSD to the USB port at the back of the speaker? Currently formatted to NTFS. Or is the speaker only able to read from a USB stick? Cheers.
  2. C

    Dvd collection to HDD for 3 Samsung TVs

    Hi, I have 240 privately recorded DVDs in my collection. I have 3 samsung 4k tvs, one 75" into Denon Avr x3600H, one 70" into old Cambridge Audio azur 340 and the other 55" with sky into Sonos Connect Amp. The 75" has dvd player that I use to watch my collection on, now I want to have a hard...
  3. S

    Apple lossless

    How do I get to enjoy it? Currently throwing Apple Music from my iPhone via Airplay to an airport express 2 into an amp but I understand 24/192 will need a cable from my iPhone to a DAC as Airplay won’t support it. Apple sell a lighting to usb or usb C cable which I assume I’ll need - I’m...