DVB-T location

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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The quality of the tuner is far more important than where you put it. Having several tuners can also be an advantage re recording - for example, a TV with a good Freeview tuner in plus a DVD recorder/hard-disk recorder with a second strong digital tuner allows you to watch one Freeview channel while recording another at the same time.

Having a good Freeview tuner built into your new flatscreen would be the best starting point (our current, Awards issue gives you plenty of excellent examples) - fewer boxes, connections and remote controls from the off....


Wow, that was fast Clare. Many thanks. Can I ask a supplemental? I was thinking of getting a Panasonic TH-42PX700PED and although it shows a TV out can I connect this to an input on the DVD recorder and, at the same time, record from the recorder's DVB-T if you see what I mean. Wouldn't it be better to go the other way? Use the DVD to record (from it's own DVB-T and use the Panasonic's DVB-T like a conventional TV? regards popeye