DSD on Kef LS-50 Wireless II


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Jan 15, 2020
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Can Kef LS50 Wireless 2 play DSD over HDMI ?

Hello - the Kef LS50 Wireless II (or 2) are reported to support DSD64, and have an HDMI input. Can anyone confirm if they have been able to use the DSD input over HDMI on those speakers (I cannot get any response from Kef on this topic) and whether the conversion is native DSD or converted to PCM.

If there is any qualitative feedback on the sound quality of DSD played over those speakers,that would be great as well.

(I currently use Audirvana which converts DSD to PCM to feed LS50W 1st Gen, and wonder if there would be a substantial (musical) improvement in upgrading to the LS50W2 gen)

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this topic.
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Thanks - Where is the DSD input then?

There is no dedicated DSD input. But it will play DSD files on a NAS drive or Roon. It also has an analogue input which you can connect a SACD player to, with an adaptor, I would imagine.

A NAS drive is connected storage which you connect to your router, where you can store all your ripped music. The KEF will then see the NAS as a music server and play all your files there, including DSD.

NAS drives seem increasingly a faff nowadays though.
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