Does anyone recognise this speaker cabinet?


Mar 29, 2022
Hey guys,

A while ago I was at a costumer for work. This guy had a little studio with a decent audio setup.. most of it was recogniseable, he had a rotel amplifier, a NAD dac and a pro-ject turntable. All of it looked quite new (think between years 2005 and now)

except for the speaker cabinets. Sadly I couldn't recognise them, nor had they a name tag or even a brand sticker on them. they looked quite oldish as well. here's a description:

the cabinets where just plain square, I guess about 30*40cm and 1.30m high. The front was made of a verticle steel bars instead of cloth or mesh. the cabinets where covered in a dark brown, redish wood vineer.
the speakerinput was located at the bottom and as far as I could see there was only one input per cabinet.

the photo attached is a very bad photo of this speaker...
I hope anyone can help me, they sounded awesome!



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