Do I need a new subwoofer?

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Jun 21, 2008
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Hi all,

I am using an active Wharfedale SW15 subwoofer. Previously, I connected this unit to my old Yamaha RXVa795RDS AV amp and play DVDs and BDs. The subwoofer was providing sufficient and subtle bass where when it kicks in, it sorts of blends into the all whole system I have with Mission 34i fronts, Infinity centre and Wharfedale bipolar rears.

However, recently I upgraded my AV amp to Yamaha RXV 2067, this subwoofer starts to give an unpleasant and loud 'thud' sound each time it kicks in. And thats all I get. Once it has kicked in, it does not feel that its blending with the rest of the system. I can feel its vibration but it just does not provide the low end feeling for movies.

1. Is this because my new amp which now decodes DTS master audio etc, is giving out a higher level sub signal to the subwoofer? I did not change any volume level on both the subwoofer and the amp.

2. If I need to change the subwoofer, what would be the guideline to choose a suitable sub.

Appreciate your comments.


Check the phase on the sub for a start. If it is running out of phase you will be cancelling out the frequencies where the speakers and sub cross over, whcih may account for the simple thud...

Then of course make sure the volume is correct. Have you gone through the setup procedure in the manual with the supplied microphone assuming you have one?


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