Question Digital devices: The volume trap glitch


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Mar 26, 2021
I side with progession and I like smart gear. There is however one microscopic downside.

Digital smart amps have multiple options to control them; buttons on the device, the remote and devices like of tablets or phones.

Within these devices there are apps like the official app of the amp, and services like spotify. All of these have the option to control the same volume. (And when one connects a chromecast, this also has seperate controls, but I will leave this apart)

Now it has happened twice in maybe 3 years (not much) that at a sudden moment I was not using any inputs and the volume shot to about the maximum. Luckily I have capped the total amp volume in the settings. Which is still loud. But I can imagine when having gear which has loads of overhead, you don't want to be nearby.

I have yet to discover what caused it exactly but I expect it was a glitch in the chain of input.

Who else has experienced this?


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