Denon M38DAB: Which speakers?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello, I am new to the world of audio so please forgive my ignorance if I say something stupid!

I have decided to get a Denon M38DAB because of the postive reviews, small size and iPod connectivity and I am trying to decide on a pair of speakers to accompany it. I would ideally like a pair of floorstanders costing around £350. I have looked at the Tannoy Mercury V4 and the Q Acoustics 2050 speakers, however I am not sure if the amp is powerful enough to drive such large speakers. They will mainly be used for music but I may consider using them as part of a home cinema at a later date.

Any help would be much appreciated and many thanks!


I too am pondering this for the girlfriends lounge...hifix are doing a package deal with either the BX1 or BX2 speaker for £379 and £399 respectively. The BX2s seem a great deal, only caution I have is that by the time I've added a pair of stands, its the thick end of £500.


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