Debating whether I should get rid of CDP. E


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May 2, 2010
Now that I am a convert to Sonos, my CDP is seeing less and less action. So I'm seriously thinking about doing away with my CDP. The CD for me still has the edge on quality but streaming is just a much better experience. I know it's my decision, but I was thinking if I shed the CDP and possibly the rDac, I could then consider the MDac. Bearing in mind I've only just started ripping to lossless and about 90% of my iTunes is in AAC. Would the mDac be a significant upgrade to my Sonos streaming ?


Hi Richardw42,

I can't help with your technical DAC question, but I'll address an other point of view. I just bought a second hand UnitiQute so I already started streaming too, and love it. But still I'm not ready to give away the fun of going to the disk store sometime and flip these little box until I put my hand on a good one then go back home and put it in the CDP to enjoy it. For me it's like my 2 expresso machines, usually on week days I use the automatic one. But on w-e, I really enjoy taking time and use the manual one.

There is a place and time for both I believe. Since you already own the CDP, I would keep it and keep an eye on DAC until you get the buget (or get second hand). And personally I believe DAC will develop a lot in very near future.

Food for thought!


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Jul 23, 2008
Again I cant answer the technical question rethe DAC, but I sold my Caspian M1 CDP about four months ago, as I was looking into buying either a Sonos or SqueezeBox Touch to stream music from a NAS.

To be honest I don't miss the CD player at all and still havent bought a Sonos or SBT yet. My main system is now currently just used for serious listening sessions via vinyl.

The majority of my day to day and evening listening is now done via my Laptop / DAC and Headphones...using iTunes Lossless, Spotify and HiRes FLAC files via Media Monkey.


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May 14, 2011
There is a Wyred4Sound modification being offered on the Sonos.

Supposedly improves the noise floor and removes some grain.

Might get the quality on par with your cd player


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Jun 8, 2007
I got rid of my cdplayer and bought a Denon dnp-720ae networkplayer. I don't regret a minute of it.......I play mp3 and flac files and the denon sounds awesome.


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