dac or sound card help


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Aug 10, 2019
i want better sound quality from my pc to stereo amp so would i be better with a good sound card or a dac?

links to ones i'm thinking of....



thx. :grin:


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Aug 17, 2012
Do not compare apples to... watermelons, both devices are that different.The rPac is a stereo-only DAC, and the Asus has some gaming effects and better audio support for them.If you do not mind having a stereo, instead of multi-channel audio, then the rPac is miles away better.Many people have compared it to Asus` top of the line XONAR cards, including the stereo one, and the rPac has blowed them all away.Some interesting thing I have noticed, in order to use a voice chat, like Skype, I had to leave my onboard audio ON, and set it as a preferred device in Skype settings, since rPac has no such functions.The Arcam does mix DTS HD MA into stereo perfectly, I do not miss the 5.1 speakers setup.Buying two better speakers for the same price as a 5.1 set, will make a massive difference - I keep asking myself why didn`t I make this change earlier.I spend weeks upgrading my audio collection of low-bitrate to high-bitrate audio, since the rPac shows all pros and cons of any recording.Keep in mind that, for the price, any soundcard includes various inputs and functions, that cost some money, and the price they spent for its stereo section is...quite modest, compared to the rPac one.To summarize : if you do not mind using onboard audio for PC voice chat, having stereo, and no gaming effects ( I assure you that the rPac cleans gaming sound incredibly ), then the rPac is the obvious option.


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